About Us

Make your house a home with our wide range of beautiful furniture collections

When you want style that sets you apart, look to a company that stands apart from the crowd. SNT is more than “a furniture company.” We’re committed to delivering the quality, service, and value you deserve. We’re committed to our communities through our environmental initiatives. And most important, we’re committed to giving you the best in comfort and personal style.


Our roots in craftsmanship are as sturdy as a Vermont maple. Our commitment to quality means the years of experience that went into building your furniture will make that furniture last for years to come.


It’s more than a profession—it’s a passion. Our salespeople don’t just know their stuff—they love what they do: helping our clients live beautifully. In our showroom, at your home, even online at 3 a.m., they’re here to answer questions, offer advice, and make sure you get the piece and the look that’s right for you.


Our goal is to choose carefully the things we live with and to keep them long lasting. We would rather have a few ‘good’ things. This seems to make sense both economically and ecologically.

Our Staff

We cheer each other on.

We push for better performance.

We are there, when others need us.

We invest in each other’s future. 


We are here for more than a job.  
We are here to build meaningful careers. 
We are here to make a difference. 
We are the authors of an even richer 
history and the soul of our company. 

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